Tears in Rain

One man's journey through New York City at the end of his life.


Solitude, as a place- or a state of mind.

Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom video

The Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom happens every year in Washington DC to bring awareness to (and accountability from the government for) American Prisoners of War and soldiers Missing in Action. Since 1998 I have traveled to photograph and film these hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists and those wishing to show solidarity each Memorial Day weekend, as they ride from the Pentagon and through Washington's National Mall to pay tribute at the Vietnam Memorial. Photography and video direction by Dianne Arndt Video edited by Lauren Petty Music by Mick Walsh, Gene Jacobs & Dianne Arndt Additional photography and production by Zee Morin Photo editing by Jake Thomas Learn more about Rolling Thunder here:

Where's My Bag?

A common anxiety dream, about loss.

Still A Guy

Speaks for itself.